Busy hands

How I disconnect

Dear You,

The puzzle I am currently working on is HARD. Usually I get into a flow with the pieces, especially at this stage of the game, and I get addicted. I don’t want to stop.

But this puzzle is really challenging. The roofs of the homes seem to all be the same color, and to make it really diabolical, there are EDGE pieces in the middle of the puzzle.

Unplug Me

There are just a few screen-free activities I really enjoy — and puzzles is one of them. But I’m been caught trying to figure out if I should just give up on this… or sit my butt back in the chair and finish it.

What is your vote?

I’ll probably finish it — but it might sit here for awhile. I have been known to let things sit for awhile, sometimes a long while, before I get around to them.

That was the case with the sewing machine I bought in CT. It collected dust for two years until I finally asked my inlaws Linda and Karen for lessons.

Once I was capable of threading the bobbin, I was able to sew some straight lines. I made a pile of cloth bags for “wrapping” our kids’ Christmas gifts. I loved the reusable gift bags Karen made. They were brilliant! And they real upside is we have cut our wrapping time to a third at least every year.

I have to have something to do in the house that is unplugged — otherwise I could spend all day (and many night hours too) staring at the screens we have all become addicted to.

The latest unplugged for me is:

  1. Mowing the lawn

  2. Playing with the puppy either in the yard or at the dog park

  3. Going to the new library and perusing the stacks

  4. Writing letters to friends.

  5. Index card art (ICAD2021).

That last one is tied to Instagram — it’s an online challenge — but the art itself handmade.

I’m not good at it at all, but I enjoy trying to collage or paint or draw something. And I learn alot from other artists. Now and then I also use the internet (for good, not evil) and follow a tutorial.

As an aside, if you are going to doom scroll, might as well scroll all the art of ICAD2021. Most of the other artists are actual artists and their work is hella cool.

Cheers dear,


P.S. If you feel like joining in ICAD, here’s more info. Ta!

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